Singles Ministry

Ministry Leader – Tammy DeLaine 



The FLOCK (NHMBC Singles Ministry)

The Singles Ministry seeks to support Christian singles to live Godly and fulfilling lives as they negotiate the personal, professional, and societal challenges/pressures of being single.  The Singles Ministry addresses contemporary issues, equips, and empowers single adults to overcome them successfully.

Why should I join the Singles Ministry?

Never in the history of the church have there been more adult single members than today.  Whether you are divorced, widowed, or never married, God’s word is clear on how we should live as single adults.  You need the support and friendship of other Christians to help you stay the course.

Are all of the conversations about relationships and hooking up?

No.  The purpose of the Singles Ministry is to empower Christian singles to live a life pleasing to Christ.  We realize that not all singles desire to marry.  We believe that you can have a whole, fulfilling, and fun life as a single person.

What types of activities do you have?

We have fellowships, parties, and single events.  We plan to have seminars, retreats, conferences and workshops.  We work closely with other New Hope ministries.  Please read your Sunday bulletin for upcoming activities.

When do you meet?

We meet every 1st Saturday of each month, except in the Summer, in the Fellowship Hall, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Tammy DeLaine  Ministry Leader